"I left Toronto almost a year ago for NS, and must check into @torontoist once in awhile for a hit of awesomeness and nostalgia." —@allen_heather on Twitter
Ink Truck Media Corp. publishes Torontoist, the most respected and acclaimed online news source in the city. Originally founded as part of the Gothamist Network, Ink Truck acquired the rights to Torontoist in April 2009. Though independently operated, Torontoist remains affiliated with Gothamist and its network of thirteen city blogs from New York to L.A. to London and Shanghai.

Ink Truck is owned and operated by founders and partners Amanda Alvaro, Ken Hunt, and Rob Silver.

By the Numbers

Average Daily readers: 10,000-15,000+
Average Daily Pageviews: 20,000-50,000+
Facebook Fans: 5,100+
Twitter Followers: 23,000+
Flickr Pool Members: 4,000+
Flickr Pool Photos: 100,000+
Daily Newsletter Subscribers: 1,000+

What people say about Torontoist

  • "The most eloquent voice of this moment in Toronto."—The National Post
  • "The site has become one of the most influential and widely read of its kind."—The Toronto Star
  • "It has the mainstream media looking over its collective shoulder."—The National Post
  • "There is no other blog that cares so much about covering the city. For that, Torontoist should be saluted." —NOW Magazine, Best of T.O.
Reliable Targeting and Reporting
Ink Truck uses Google Ad Manager to serve all of its ads. Ad Manager offers a sophisticated suite of targeting and reporting tools. Geo-targeting is available at the city, province and country-level. We also work with all third party ad technologies, including Motif, Eyeblaster, PointRoll, and Klipmart.

Upon request, any advertiser will be provided with a report of their ad's delivery statistics, including the number of impressions, and the overall click-through rate. All of our numbers are certified by the Media Rating Council and all of our ads are in compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau standard for display ad impression measurement.

Specs & Requirements
  • Lead time for most ads is 2 working days.
  • Ink Truck accepts: GIF, JPEG, Rich Media (including Flash up to version 9), and Third Party Served ads.
  • All static image and flash files should be smaller than 40KB in size.
  • Flash ads must contain the following clickTag code:
    on (release) { 
       getURL(_root.clickTag, "_blank");
  • Flash ads must include a non-flash version to serve to viewers that do not support flash.
  • Any sound must be user-initiated upon a click and clearly display "Play" and "Stop" controls.
  • Expanding ads are permitted. The 728x90 leaderboard is expandable to 728x500. The 160x600 skyscraper is expandable to 500x600. The 300x250 box is expandable to 500x500.
  • Expanding ads must be user-initiated and indicate their functionality with text such as "rollover to learn more."
  • Expanding ads must close automatically when the user's cursor moves off the ad.
  • Banners are served via iframes. Please note that rich media may need a local html file implementation for expanding creative.
  • Newsletter ad size is 728x90 and must be GIF or JPEG. Newsletter ads do not support animation.
  • Ink Truck Media does not accept ads for products that directly compete with or are disparaging to Ink Truck products.
  • Ink Truck Media reserves the right to reject any ad based on content and overall fitness for our readership.